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In the 1960s, some figures in the car business dreamed up a prototype of a Mustang station wagon said WSJ News. Ford passed on the project. But a different designer saw it and drew a sketch of a Shelby Mustang G.T. 350 version of a station wagon that ended up in a publication. The story of the G.T. 350 itself is important. In the 1960s, Ford was investing in all kinds of racing, and pumping money into this historic effort. The Mustang was new, and the company came to the legendary race-car builder Carroll Shelby to turn it into a race car. Which he did.

The G.T. 350 was introduced in 1965 and was made in very limited numbers as competition cars and also customer cars. Today, these Mustangs are worth a fortune, and the most iconic colors are the classic Shelby white with blue racing stripes. As a collector, I own two G.T. 350s—a 1965 and a 1966.

Now here is the story, as it was told to me: In the 1970s, a designer and custom car builder named Bob Hoshiko saw the sketch of that G.T. 350 station wagon as well as the original prototype station wagon from the ’60s, and he decided to build this car. Hoshiko was an old-time hot-rodder and car builder, based in Southern California.

Building The Mustang Station Wagon

Hoshiko started with a regular Mustang (I have build pictures). He was extremely detail-oriented, and he was able to get all these Shelby-specific parts, including a high-performance 289-cubic-inch V-8 engine said In the 1960s, some figures in the car business dreamed up a prototype of a Mustang station wagon, said WSJ News.

Hoshiko would take the station wagon to car shows around Los Angeles.

I first saw it about 30 years ago. I loved it instantly because it is so unique. Only one Mustang G.T. 350 station wagon exists. Over the years, I got to know Hoshiko a little bit, and he was the one who told me the car’s story. I always admired him. He passed away about 15 years ago, and about eight years ago, I was able to acquire the station wagon and be its new caretaker.

I like to take the car to shows to let people see it. Everyone wants to know: What is the back story? I love cars with stories, and this Mustang station wagon certainly has one.

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